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Celebrate 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters macabre update Fruit Ninja

The messy way to make fruit salad. Photo: Columbia Pictures
The messy way to make a fruit salad. Photo: Columbia Pictures It's not only the Macintosh who turned 30 this year . Another beloved frankly many of us were introduced to the children, Ghostbusters , also debuts its fourth decade ... with an update fructose-slicing iOS game Halfbrick Fruit Ninja That's right, the game that we first reviewed way back in 2010 received an update that improves the ghostly day s title already ' fun with new visual effects and a neat soundtrack haunted. Instead of a blade ninja, the update means your cutting fruit is now performed using the ... Read the rest of this entry...
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Kim So Eun reveals that she begins to hope skinship Virtual Mari Song Jae Rim

Kim So Eun Reveals She Is Starting to Look Forward to Virtual Husband Song Jae Rim’s Skinship
Actress Kim So Eun and model-actor Song Jae Rim are currently gathering much attention to the level of skinship they participate on the screen to their virtual wedding MBC 's " We Got Married . " October 17, MBC revealed that Kim So Eun was again taken aback by skinship Song Jae Rim shot during filming. Using a toy sword, Song Jae Rim apparently tried to hug back with the excuse: "When will I ever be able to kiss you if I do not do it now" He also tried to capture the slight size while asking for her waist with the excuse of ... Read the rest of this entry...

Google Nexus 6 from 28 markets around the world by the end of the year

Google unveiled the Nexus Motorola is widespread 6 yesterday. There were no cases of brilliant launch with ad online as a blog, as rumored before. Unlike the Nexus 5, Nexus oversized 6 will see a large roll on. Motorola has confirmed the handset will hit retail in 28 markets across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America later this year and as we head into Q1, including India. This is certainly good news, and Motorola and Google gives a chance to increase their turnover. Nexus devices are very popular in the area because they offer an Android experience without modification, no bloatware or custom. It is also expected to hit several carriers, including all the major ... Read the rest of this entry...

Mac even grows slides Industry

The computer industry is having a little trouble pushing against the horde of smartphones and tablets that fly away dollars gadgets clients. Not Mac . According to new figures released today at a special Apple event, the company revealed that Mac has seen 18% year on year growth. This might not seem like an impressive number, but when compared to the overall growth of 1% - or lack thereof - on all computers ... Read the rest of this entry...

Alpine Electronics launches its first consumer headset

Alpine Headphones Apollo white
When you hear the name "Alpine", you probably think of the audio equipment of the car. Alpine Electronics is a leading manufacturer of electronic performance and mobile entertainment vehicle for decades. We talk about everything, speakers, amplifiers, navigation systems, subwoofers, and receivers. As a company which was mainly concentrated with equipment in the car, it may come as a surprise that Alpine brings their brand and heritage in the arena of consumer electronics public. But given their experience with speakers and mobile technology, perhaps the real surprise is that it took them a long time. Alpine Helmets are designed for users who want to hear, feel and see their music. These headphones feature a ... Read the rest of this entry...